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When Can Patients Begin BioTE® Treatments?

By: Linda Spencer


Hormone levels in men and women decline naturally with age, causing symptoms that interfere with daily life. Fortunately, BioTE hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help restore optimal balance and provide relief. Spencer Wellness Centre is proud to offer this natural, safe, and convenient form of treatment in Indianapolis, IN.

Nurse practitioner Linda Spencer can provide more information about BioTE and how it compares to other options. Call now to book an HRT appointment to help you get back to life without hormone-related issues. Now is the best time to start the process.

What happens to hormone levels during andropause and menopause?

Hormone levels naturally decline as we reach middle age. Men generally undergo andropause, which involves a decrease in testosterone, while women go through menopause, where estrogen levels drop significantly. Unfortunately, both andropause and menopause cause issues like hot flashes, mood swings, decreased libido, fatigue, and other symptoms that impact your quality of life.

Some medical professionals recommend lifestyle changes or certain medications to relieve symptoms from hormone fluctuations, but these methods may not be enough for everyone. BioTE treatment can restore balance by introducing hormones slowly and consistently into the body.

What is pellet therapy, and how does it work?

BioTE is considered a pioneer in the field of hormone replacement therapy. Their pellet therapy is a safe and effective way to supplement missing hormones. Spencer Wellness Centre offers BioTE pellets for both men and women.

Nurse practitioner Linda Spencer begins pellet therapy by measuring your hormone levels to determine the appropriate dosage. We then carefully insert these tiny pellets just beneath the skin through a simple in-office procedure. The pellets release a steady dosage of hormones into your body over time.

Benefits of HRT include:

  • Convenient treatment: There is no need for daily pills or topical creams with pellet therapy. Patients only need to attend an appointment every few months or so for a new pellet insertion.
  • Safe therapy: Pellets are made with bio-identical hormones, which relieve symptoms without the risks associated with synthetic hormones.
  • All-natural: BioTE pellets are made of natural hormones and provide more consistent balance than synthetic alternatives.
  • Successful results: Patients experience greater relief from hormone-related symptoms such as fatigue and mood swings.

When should patients begin BioTE treatments?

Generally, it is best to begin BioTE at the first signs of hormone-related issues like andropause and menopause. This is because symptoms can become worse over time and be harder to manage. Nurse practitioner Linda Spencer understands the importance of providing individualized plans for each patient in Indianapolis, IN, and is ready to talk about available options.

When do symptoms of a hormone imbalance begin to improve?

Most patients feel relief from symptoms within a few weeks of beginning BioTE treatments. However, everyone responds differently to pellet therapy, and it may take longer to experience the full benefits. The good news is that hormone replacement therapy is long-lasting if patients attend follow-up appointments for hormone level analysis and pellet insertions as directed.

Try HRT for hormone-related issues

HRT is an effective way to manage symptoms related to andropause or menopause. Contact Spencer Wellness Centre in Indianapolis, IN to learn more about BioTE pellet therapy and how it can restore balance to your body. Nurse practitioner Linda Spencer is ready to provide personalized plans at Spencer Wellness Centre. We have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver exceptional care.

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