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BioTE is a personalized hormone replacement therapy designed specifically for each patient's unique needs. The customized BioTE pellets are carefully placed under the skin, where they slowly release hormones into the bloodstream. Each pellet contains doses of estrogen or testosterone (depending on individual needs) that can be adjusted to address hormonal imbalances. These hormones are designed to replicate the hormones found naturally in the body. BioTE hormone replacement can help both men and women experiencing issues with weight gain, low sex drive, moodiness, and low energy (among many others).

As a pioneer in hormone therapy, BioTe is renowned for its approach to improving patients' quality of life through pellet therapy. A leading innovator in precise, preventive health care, BioTe has dedicated more than 80 years of research to diagnosing and treating hormonal imbalances with a personalized, patient-first approach. Spencer Wellness Centre emulates the dedication of BioTE and is proud to remain at the forefront of advances in the treatment of hormonal imbalances. Spencer Wellness Centre can customize a BioTE plan that works for you. Contact our office in Indianapolis or Brownsburg, IN, to schedule a consultation.

BioTE is committed to changing patients' lives and improving their quality of life. The skilled team at Spencer Wellness Centre is proud to take the same approach to patient care by providing innovative BioTE hormone therapy to our patients. If you are experiencing symptoms typically associated with hormonal imbalances, BioTE may be a great treatment option for you. Beginning with a consultation, we will determine an ideal treatment plan that will help you take your life back. After meeting with your provider, we will schedule you back for a comprehensive lab review and to start your BioTE Pellet Therapy. Contact our facility in Indianapolis or Brownsburg, IN, to learn more about how this therapy can return balance to your body and life.

Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy with BioTE is generally used to treat patients at least 40 years old and who are discovering differences in their energy levels, sex drive, weight, and brain focus. An imbalance in hormone levels may cause different medical concerns, such as sexual dysfunction, thyroid disease, high cholesterol, night sweats, insomnia, and memory issues. Additionally, BioTE treatments may be an ideal choice for those who want a convenient option compared to most hormone replacement therapies. BioTE pellets are inserted subcutaneously and provide a slow and consistent release of hormones over several months. This eliminates the need for daily hormone administration, such as applying creams or taking pills, making it a convenient option for those seeking long-lasting hormone replacement.

BioTE hormone therapy at Spencer Wellness Centre is ideal to help level your hormones, elevate your mood, and improve your sex drive. Advantages of this pellet hormone treatment at our Indianapolis or Brownsburg, IN facilities include:

  • Improving libido and sexual performance
  • Elevating energy levels
  • Sharpening mental focus and clarity
  • Minimizing the signs of menopause
  • Reducing body fat and creating muscle mass
  • Enhancing quality of sleep
  • Boosting mood and lessening mood swings
  • Diminishing or reversing baldness
  • Hormones are structurally identical to those created by the body

I've gone here for over a decade. Linda has been a godsend when it comes to my perimenopausal hormone imbalance. If you're weepy and irritable and exhausted all the time, talk to Linda about a BioTe pellet. It's science, but it sure feels like magic!

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