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Will BHRT Pellets Balance My Testosterone Levels?

By: Linda Spencer


Many people are surprised to learn just how big a role hormones play in their overall health and wellness – controlling a wide range of processes, including metabolism, hair growth, and others. For men specifically, low testosterone levels – which are often associated with aging – can lead to a number of uncomfortable and disruptive symptoms. To help men restore their testosterone to the normal physiologic range and once again feel like themselves, nurse practitioner and wellness expert Linda Spencer and the knowledgeable team at Spencer Wellness Centre offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men in Indianapolis, IN.

What causes low testosterone?

The male hormone testosterone helps to regulate many natural functions. With age, a man’s testosterone levels begin to naturally decline. In fact, most men reach their peak testosterone level in their 20s or 30s, after which it begins to slowly fall over time, with many men ultimately experiencing the symptoms of andropause. There are several other factors that may also contribute to testosterone fluctuations, including certain medications, genetic conditions, radiation therapy, and others.

What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone in men, also known as hypogonadism, include:

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Thinning hair or baldness
  • Low energy
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Weight gain

How is low testosterone treated?

For men with low or abnormal testosterone levels, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets can be a life-changing solution. At Spencer Wellness Centre, our team is committed to using the most current and effective products and technologies available today and is proud to offer BioTE®, a customized pellet-based bioidentical hormone replacement option.

How does BHRT for men work?

During your initial consultation for BHRT in Indianapolis, IN, nurse practitioner Linda Spencer will discuss your symptoms, evaluate your health and medical history, and answer all of your questions at length. A comprehensive panel of blood work may be necessary to establish your baseline hormone levels and to determine the most appropriate course of treatment and dosage for you.

Based on these findings, custom-compounded BioTE pellets will be formulated. At a subsequent appointment, the BioTE pellets will be placed beneath your skin via a tiny incision. Over time, your hormone levels will be monitored and your symptoms will be regularly reassessed to determine whether your dose may need to be adjusted.

How soon will my testosterone levels normalize after starting BHRT?

Some patients notice an improvement in their low-T symptoms as soon as 1 – 2 weeks after beginning BHRT, though the full effects of BHRT are typically apparent around week eight.

How often are BHRT pellets inserted?

Depending on the dose being used, the patient’s response to treatment, and other factors, BHRT pellets need to be reinserted an average of 3 – 4 times per year. With regular appointments and an experienced BHRT provider, men can achieve consistent testosterone levels and years – or even a lifetime – of relief from the unwanted side effects of low testosterone.

Take charge of your testosterone with BHRT in Indianapolis, IN

If you have symptoms consistent with a hormone imbalance or low testosterone, we can help determine what’s causing them and if BHRT may be an effective solution for you. To learn more about your options for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Indianapolis, IN, call Spencer Wellness Centre to schedule your one-on-one consultation with distinguished nurse practitioner Linda Spencer today.

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